Here are 10 principles that will make handling conflict a bit easier.

1. When a conflict has occurred, immediately decide that you will RESOLVE it as soon as possible.
2. Believe that you will be able to resolve it peacefully. Don't think you won't. Believe you WILL!
3. Have a PLAN of what you will say.
4. Realise the purpose for resolving the conflict is not to establish blame but to RESTORE harmony and find a solution.
5. You are a TEAM solving a challenge, not fighting each other.
6. TIMING. Choose the right time to approach the person.
7. Be HONEST at all times.
8. Each person must have an opportunity to speak.
9. Try to understand the other person's reasoning or point of view.
10. Be OPEN-MINDED. Be prepared to change your thinking.

As you work toward a solution and harmony, apologize and make a commitment to each other as friends or colleagues.

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